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Meghan - Age 27     
“Signing up for Lean and Learn is the best £99 I have ever spent! After having two gorgeous baby girls in the last 14 months, I wanted to get back in shape and in 10 short weeks I am now the smallest and healthiest I think I have ever been.

I smashed my weight loss goals and I also set a goal to be able to run 5k with ease by the time I had finished the program, which I did no bother with the help of Steve’s HIIT workouts! This plan has showed me how to enjoy my life, enjoy food and continue to be sociable while leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about mindset and Steve and the team at TFG has totally changed my approach to “dieting”. No more yo-yoing for me!

I never imagined 3 months after giving birth I’d be happy with my body but I have never felt so confident. You only regret what you didn’t do so sign up – you’ve nothing to lose but inches!”
Briony - Age 22     
“I am so happy I did this before Christmas, I am feeling fantastic and so much more toned. I really enjoyed the programme and all of the support along the way.

I now feel confident and comfortable in my own skin.

If you are thinking about doing this but cant decide....Just go for will be happy you did!"
Marie - Age 28   
“My biggest lesson learned from the programme is that the scales really do tell only a small part of the story. Having lost only 1.6kg, and comparing to the results of others, I genuinely wasn’t expecting to see a huge difference in my comparison photos when Steve sent them back. I was so chuffed with the results.

The ‘learn’ part of the programme has been imperative to my journey so far. Learning that being healthy doesn’t mean tiny portions, that by eating the right things and with portion control, you can be healthy and never hungry! I’ve loved the workouts because they are quick and can be done at home- no fancy equipment, slogging for hours or feeling intimidated about going in to a gym.

The benefits of the group are endless: constant support from Steve and the coaches; support from fellow lean and learners; workouts and recipes. Monday mornings are great seeing everyone’s results and how happy everyone is with their progress.

I couldn’t recommend the programme enough. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 weeks and beyond have in store as part of the graduate programme. Thank you The Fitness Guy!”

Mel - Age 29     
“Huge thanks to team TFG. I feel fitter, healthier and happier than ever.

The meal plan was exactly what I needed. Simple and flexible so it suited the whole family. 

I could squeeze in the workouts whenever it suited me and I loved them.

Absolutely delighted with my progress and my new found confidence. 

Best £99 I have ever spent.”
Amy - Age 23      
“I never joined the 10 week programme to lose weight but more to tone up and feel better about myself and I am so glad i did this because I have done just that!

My clothes are fitting me better, Im less bloated and Im feeling great and looking forward to wearing my party dress for my Christmas party this weekend!

Thanks for all the support TFG and team.”
Rhiannon - Age 28     
"This isn’t a fad “diet” and there isn’t such a thing as eating “on or off plan”, basically it’s all about making the right choices and finding the balance. I am not gonna lie, I do enjoy eating out, having the odd take away on a Friday night and a night out at a weekend! I didn’t have to worry about not eating or drinking something, which is why I thought this was great. The meal plan you are given is really good, a swap sheet is provided, and there are loads of options if you don’t like something in particular, i.e fish steak etc. 

The workouts.......come on who doesn’t have a spare 20 minutes 3 x a week!!! They are good fun, and can be done in the comfort of your own home (no equipment needed) whilst the children are in bed / at school / you have a day off – there’s no excuse, pretty sure you would manage to sit down for 20 minutes, So…

I’m not back to where I was (YET), so I have joined the graduate group, and so far I am loving it. The support is great, and I like how you can still weigh in on Mondays. (which will keep me on track). 

I can’t wait to look skinny in my bikini next year.”

Claire - Age 28     
“I started the lean and learn programme 6 weeks after giving birth to my son. 
At the time, I thought I would never see any sort of muscular definition on my stomach for a very long time but just 10 weeks later I am amazed with my results! 

The workouts are great and the support and guidance you get from week to week is just amazing.

Thank you so much to everyone involved, this is definitely a lifestyle change that I’ll be carrying on with beyond these 10 weeks!”
Melanie - Age 29     
“I have absolutely loved the programme and made great progress.

The plan was very easy to follow and fitted in with family meals which was really important to me. 
It has shown me that eating a balanced healthy diet does not have to be boring and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of food I was eating and still losing weight week after week!

A fantastic service and a great start to life long lifestyle changes.”
Abby - Age 23     
“I really wanted to try and find a programme that would be a lifestyle change, one I could stick to and see results and I certainly have been able to do both! 

The meal plans are easy to follow and the workouts are fun and easy to fit in. I’m so proud of how I’ve stuck to the 10 weeks and the results I’ve seen I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to make changes and see results! 

I can’t wait to start the graduate programme now!”
Mhairi- Age 29     
“I found this programme so easy to fit in around family life, both my hubby and 2 year old have been happy with the food! 
I never felt hungry, eating the right things means you really can eat lots!

And the 20min workouts are so tough but you feel amazing afterwards! A win win programme all round that really works – without feeling hungry or spending hours in the gym.

The online support is great for keeping you on track too – I’m a big comfort eater but I would definitely say I’m on track to changing my ways.”


Lesley - Age 33      
“I can’t believe what a difference this programme has made in such a short time!
Not only do I look different but I feel so good! No more headaches, no more bloating, and so much more energy to run around after my boys!

I even went on holiday and still had great results that week.. as a graduate told me before signing up “if you can’t do this while on holiday, you’re not doing it right”

It felt so good to have the support group, there to answer any questions or simply there with encouragement.
I am so pleased with my results, how much I have learned, and excited to join the graduate programme!

Thanks TFG and team!”
Sadie - Age 32    
“I really cannot recommend this program enough!! I joined the Lean & Learn plan as I was stuck in a diet rut. I had tried every quick fix & was often disheartened when the results were short lived.

This plan has completely changed the way I think about food, nothing is forbidden, if anything I am eating more now than I ever have!!

The workouts are the best part & I really enjoy my morning workouts, they set me up for the day! I would never have thought in a million years I would feel this good!!

I still have a lot of work to do but this is a new lifestyle for me & I love it!! Thank you so much Steve & Jodie & the amazing girls on my group.”
Natalie - Age 36      
“The 10 week program was excellent. I was struggling to lose the extra kg’s after having my baby. I tried for nearly a year to lose it and I was staying the same. It was pretty depressing. I thought I was doing the right things by exercising and eating less.

But I realise now after working with Steve that I wasn’t exercising hard enough or controlling with my eating habits (crisps, chocolate and a glass of wine most nights and eating very little through the day). 

The program has taught me lots about nutrition, balancing your diet and that even with 20 mins of exercising a few times a week you can achieve great results.

I am so happy now as I am in the best shape I have ever been… 36! It has given me the encouragement to continue exercising, eating a balanced diet and I couldn’t be happier.”

Lisa - Age 34      
“I’m so glad that I’ve done this programme. 

I’ve loved the eating plan and the workouts and looking forward to continuing the graduate programme. 

I feel so much more confident. I didn’t feel that I was missing out as the food is yummy! 

The group is so supportive. I’m delighted with my results and have lots more confidence!”
Jamie - Age 36      
"Im a 36 year old mum of 3 whose been in the throws of child rearing for 11 years. Always putting myself last and failing miserably to squeeze in the classes I’d like to and loved my nightly treats. I decided 2017 was my year to change and stop making excuses and put myself first.

After feeling apprehensive about TFG I soon got into the swing of it and I’m amazed at how easily it fits in with family life. There’s nothing complicated and if anything it’s saved me time and not to mention the money we’ve saved on food shopping. Within 4 weeks we’d saved the £99 it cost me to signup. I’ve never been hungry and never had to eat anything I don’t like.

10 weeks on and I’m amazed at the new life that’s been created, by learning how food works and how I can apply simple and effective principles to see the results I’ve always wanted since having my children. Bizarrely putting myself first has meant everyone benefits as I’ve more energy, my mood is better and all the usual female struggles have lessened.

The support of the group has been fundamental to me and my goals and the accountability within the group really keeps you on track. Can’t thank TFG team enough for their continued support and resources. Anyone thinking about change should start here. “
Laura - Age 30   
“I can honestly say that Lean and Learn has completely changed my life for the better! 
I was a classic yo-yo dieter, and even though I did a lot of exercise classes, I never seemed to shift any weight. After I had my 3rd baby I decided to take the plunge and sign up to Lean and Learn, and I’m so glad I did!

There are no foods that are ‘banned’, it’s not a diet, there is no feeling guilty for having a treat or a night out. It’s eating well and embracing exercise – I’ve never had so much energy! 

I feel so much better about myself – after 10 weeks I’ve reached my original target weight, which I’ve never achieved on any of the other plans I’ve tried. It’s not just about the numbers though – my mindset has been changed and I know I could never go back to eating like I used to. I’ve found the balance!”
Lauren - Age 37   
“Thank you so much for all your amazing support over the last 10 weeks. I have found the programme so much easier than I thought! I am now confident in making healthy food choices and about about finding the balance!

I truly thought I’d be counting the time and praying for the end point, however it doesn’t feel like the end, this is merely the beginning! The beginning of a happier healthy lifestyle for my whole family.

I am blown away with my results and loved all the supportive comments which truly kept me going.

The exercise is hard but rewarding and finding 30mins 3 times a week was easier than I thought.

Best money I ever spent!”
Nicola - Age 38    
"The 10 Week lean and learn programme has given me back control, when I was spiralling in a negative circle of sugar addiction and stress eating. I don’t really “do” diets, this is definitely a lifestyle choice that I have made. I feel better, stronger and happier. 

 I found the programme manageable and the food easy to prepare. All the family ate the meals from the recipes. I’ve had nights out and “treats” but have just got back on track again in the morning, or made allowances during the week. 

 I’d recommend anyone to give it a go and see for yourself how it can fit in around a manic family life.” “
Sandra - Age 32   
“Ladies, if you read nothing else trust me – read this. I’m totally not a fan of dieting but wanted something that worked for me.

This programme works. It is easy to follow and you don’t have to give up anything…I have gone through the ten weeks programme and beyond, and cannot recommend this enough.

I love the 30 mins exercise as have little time for more, love the fact it’s flexible, there’s support galore and I love the fact my whole outlook has changed on diets and healthy eating.

See my pics but they don’t do it justice…this is one of the best decisions I’ve made yet! So if you are hesitating- don’t, you won’t regret this!”
Jemma - Age 35  
“I started lean and learn because being a busy working mum of 2 children aged 3 and 9 my weight was escalating, my blood pressure was high and I had no energy and a thousand excuses not to do anything about it. My husband is in the Navy so getting into the habit of having ‘weekend treats ‘ when was home made me always weigh on a Friday in an attempt to get away with blowing it all on a weekend. The first big lesson from lean and learn was stopping this bingeing at the weekend for a treat or reward. I learnt I can have everything and stay in control.

In the course of 10 weeks I have lost 16kgs and 54cm all over. I have gone from a size 20 to a comfortable 16. I absolutely love feeling fitter; I have much more energy, seek out every opportunity I can to exercise and can now plank for a minute and run 4 miles. The eating plan manageable and flexible for a busy family. I’m actually eating more than I used to, just the right stuff!

My goals are to get down to a size 14, ride a horse again and complete a 10k. My blood pressure has dropped. The support of the other women on the board was fantastic and everyone is in the same boat. I had my off days but they help you through and the support of Steve and Jodie and the team is really motivating.

If you’re thinking about it go for it, give it your 100% and put yourself first. It’s hard work but totally rewarding and the best thing I’ve done in years for myself and my children.”

Laura - Age 39   
“I cant thank Steve and Jodie for all their help and support, this plan really has changed how I view food and has changed my habits for the better. 

I was definitely someone who “lived for the weekend”, I’d be seriously restrictive with my diet Monday – Friday and hit the gym (almost) daily, but would binge at the weekend because I was so hungry and tired so any progress I did make was undone.

I still have a long way to go but my goal was to lose 1 stone in 10 weeks which I’ve done. Next goal is another 10 pounds in the next 10 weeks!”
Michelle - Age 39    
“So I hummed and hayed on whether to join the programme to start with….. because I didn’t believe in myself, that I could do it, I had been in a hard place, food & exercise, weight & confidence was getting out of control, but emotionally and mentally it had been a difficult few months, so self belief was none existent….. But thankfully, I bit the bullet, gave myself a shake, started to turn a corner in my head & heart and signed up! I thought it’ll give it a go, it’ll give me focus! I didn’t want a “diet” I wanted to have a healthy body & mind & educated! That’s why I did it, that’s why I chose this!

Hand on heart, one of the best decisions I have ever made, the food plan, the workouts, the support and most of all the RESULTS are fantastic.

Thank you for kickstarting me to a healthier me! Thank you for giving me my self belief, and body confidence back!”
Shelley - Age 38    
“Signing up to the Lean & Learn programme is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and definitely the best £99 I’ve ever spent! I am absolutely delighted with my results after the 10 weeks.

I’ve tried diets in the past and I’ve lost, but never maintained. This time I feel different, because this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s real food that everyone enjoys and education about how best to eat a balanced diet and combine it with exercise to yield real results.

This programme is ground breaking and it works so well due to the unwaivering support, commitment and enthusiasm shown by Steve, Lamorna and Jodie. They help every step of the way; every question is answered, every victory is celebrated, no matter how small.

I would encourage anyone contemplating a lifestyle change for the better to do it! I was you 10 weeks ago, and now I feel better than I have in years.”
Karen - Age 39    
“Needed a boost to lose the remainder of my pregnancy weight and I did it! 

The plan has been great, got me eating the right things and nothing is off limit! Lots of variety!

Best thing I have done and I’m going to continue with it! 

Just do it you won’t regret it! Steve, Lamorna and Jodie are great, offering loads of support!” ”
Jen - Age 34    
“Exercise has been a big part of my life for many years and wasn’t the problem. But Having had 3 kids, I had fallen into a real bad habit of calorie saving and gorging on sugar during the evening when the kids were in bed and when I was tired and needing sugar. 

I really needed to re-educate myself on how to eat healthily and the Lean and learn programme definitely did that. I eat loads now during the day of all the good stuff and although I still need/enjoy chocolate at night I factor it in and as I am eating better during the day I don’t have the massive sugar cravings and led to me losing control. 

Thanks to the lean and learn team.”
Stacy - Age 39    
“I have absolutely loved the programme. 
I have been a yo-yo dieter for years and now thanks to TFG I have found one that works for me and round the family. 

I have loved all the exercises and even had the kids involved. 
Having two little ones the ability to do all the exercises in the house with no equipment has been a god send and the fact they are only 20 minutes we can all fit that in. 

It took me a while to get my head round the macros but I know I’ll get it eventually! The support, team spirit and advice have been amazing. 

Thank you all.”
Claire - Age 35    
“I’m so glad I joined L&L when I did. I had reached a point where I was at my heaviest weight and my eating habits were spiralling out of control. I felt like I was stuck in a loop of unhealthy choices, looking after 2 young children i had no time to go to the gym, and the thought of meal planning just overwhelmed me. 

Steve made it simple, stick to the meal plan and do a 20min home workout three times a week. There’s no magic tricks involved, no complicated diets just healthy choices. 

The meal plan was flexible with lots of swap options so it worked perfectly for the family, and the weekly workouts where fun but challenging, with each week getting harder as your fitness improved – I loved them!”
Kerry - Age 39    
“I was at my biggest I’ve been in my life after having two young kiddies and I needed to change. It was a very last minute thing my friend said she was about to start the fitness guy programme and that I should do it too. 
The application had to be completed by Monday night and it was Monday evening so I quickly took the photos and sent all my details in. 
I then started the following week and I am so happy that I did. I have learnt so much and have loved doing the workouts.

I have lost 13 pounds, 36cm and have so much more energy, I feel great.

I have now joined the graduate group and I can’t wait to get even more fit!!

Thank you Steve, Jodie and the coaches for all your support. 
I would definitely recommend starting the programme it will change your life”


Linda - Age 41    
“Who’d have thought that a 10 week fitness programme would give some fantastic results! I signed up to Lean and Learn for a couple of reasons. Reason 1 for me, reason 2 I needed a new focus. Why? well with in 3 weeks both my kids were due to leave home and I decided if I didn’t act on this I could end up sitting every night eating bad food!

So while on Facebook one night I cam across ‘The Fitness Guy’ saw the pics and read his blog and thought this is for me!……To say I was excited was an understatement. I was ready to start my new 10 week programme which focussed on healthy eating and exercise which is the only way to go.

The programme for me has been fantastic. I’ve eaten proper good food and as for snacks I must say some days I really can’t eat them all. As for the exercise which is 20/25 minutes… It’s no time at all. Not only have I lost weight but more importantly cm’s consistently over the last 10 weeks.

With every week that passes my energy levels have gone up! I’ve found a new love for cycling! I’m looking forward to continuing in the support group as have set myself a new 8 week target.”
Angela - Age 49    
“I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, for years now to shift some weight and tried every diet going, including counting macros! 
 Then boom, just 10 weeks after starting the Lean and Learn program, this amazing transformation happens.

It’s not the meal plans, it's not the exercise program, its not the pep talks and advice from Steve…it's the combination and being part of the group.

This community of like minded women inspiring, motivating and challenging me to pull out another successful week that has made the difference. 

 My only regret…not signing up earlier!”
Donna - Age 44    
“What can I say about this programme? If your hesitating, don’t, go for it and stop making excuses!

I had been unhappy about my weight, shape and fitness levels for some time. I had to face up to the fact that my youngest was now three and baby weight, just didn’t cut it anymore!

I found this programme very easy to follow and was surprised that there were no “weird” potions instead of regular food. The suggested menu could be incorporated into family mealtimes with ease. The regular suggested recipes kept things fresh too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly workouts and the satisfaction after completing each one was rewarding.

I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved, to date and can’t wait to continue and have the waistline that I’ve longed for.

The continued support from Steve & Jodie has been invaluable and the other ladies in the group have been so positive and encouraging."
Sharon - Age 47   
"I first heard about Lean and Learn for my friend who had just completed the 10 week programme, she looked amazing but she is only 30, I’m 47 have PCOS and going through the menopause – will it work for me? I had been on so many “diets” over the years and I had failed.

I emailed loads of questions to Jodie, who directed me to the website and WOW the photos and stories gave me the kick up the butt I need so I decided to sign up.

The group I was in all gelled together, we shared our stories, all different people, different jobs, different struggles but all with the same goal – to get fitter and healthier. The meal plan is brilliant, it kept me on the right path, and still is. The exercises, well the first week I was walking like John Wayne after getting off his horse, my thighs and bum were aching but it was so worth it.

Did I have bad days – yes, was there times when I didn’t want to do the exercises – yes but when you see your results week after week and you chat to the other ladies, who some of them are having a bad day too, it made me realise this is what it’s all about, helping and supporting one another over that “bad day”.

Steve and The team have been brilliant, every question was answered, every achievement congratulated, it felt like they were there every set of the way.”
Jackie - Age 44   
"After trying nearly every diet out there and similar lean plans to this, I have to say this is the only one I have managed to stick to and see through to the end. It is easy to follow and the meal plan and swaps make it a realistic and sustainable plan, I have learned how to eat the right things and track what I am eating. 

I only ever carried out the required 3 times per week exercise as I knew this is what I would be able to sustain going forward.

The group is so supportive and Steve, Jodie and Lamorna are brilliant at responding to any questions, at times it didn’t feel like a remote plan as the group and TFG staff are with you every step of the way.. 

I am so looking forward to continuing my journey in the graduate group as this is a lifestyle change not a 10 week fad diet.. Thanks TFG..”
Bry - Age 47   
"My testimonial could be……..”I’ve enjoyed this plan so much. The 10 weeks have flown by and I’m chuffed to bits that I’ve managed to shift 7kgs, along with 50.5cms. 

I’ve always tried to keep my weight in check, but over the last few years I’d definitely lost my way. The plan re-educated me and I soon realised I’d been consuming/drinking far too many calories, even though at times I felt really hungry and that I was being “good”. 

I can honestly say I’ve never felt hungry on this plan and love the fact that no food or drink is excluded. It’s all about “finding the balance” and I certainly feel I have found it. I’m look forward to losing more and to being fitter and healthier in 2018. 

 This plan is great value for money and the support you receive from TFG is fantastic.”
Paula - Age 47   
"I had been thinking of doing the programme for months and so glad I finally did it. 
Absolutely delighted with the results so far. 

The advice and support that is given is excellent. 

 I’m eating properly and working out regularly and feeling better with myself than I have in a long time.”
Gail - Age 41    
“I have really enjoyed the 10 week lean and learn program. The meal plan is easy to stick to with everyday foods and easy to swap the things you don’t like. 

10 weeks and I haven’t been bored of the same things. The workouts are easy to follow and the bonus is doing them when it fits in with your routine and suitable for all abilities. 

I am amazed by the results in 10 weeks and plan to continue. 

If you are thinking about it then go for it… won’t regret it!
Penny - Age 41    
“This Lean and Learn 10 week programme is excellent.  

I didn’t have a massive amount to lose but I had let my weight creep up over the last few years. Prior to this my relationship with food was completely wrong. I was basically living on fresh air some days and wondering why I wasn’t loosing any weight.  

I now eat more than I ever have which helped me actually loose weight and now enables me control it. This is because I have the knowledge to eat the RIGHT foods and do not underestimate how much knowledge you will get from this! The meal plan is so easy to follow with easy meals to prepare which both myself and my daughter really enjoyed and the weekly exercises were great.

 There is constant support from Steve & Jodie and when I say constant, I mean constant! Every single question I had was answered within a couple of hours very concisely. 

 The support group was fantastic with all us ladies motivating each other. If you are swithering about doing it, swither no more. I cannot recommend it enough!”
Debbie - Age 44
“I have found this 10 week program simple to follow and was amazed at how much good food I could enjoy whilst learning about what my body needs nutritionally to remain healthy and trim excess body fat.

The support network and information is brilliant and encouraging . I’ve lost 10LBS in weight , changed shape and become more confident in myself.
I have more energy and motivation for everyday things and enjoy my sport, activities far more now I’m not carrying so much weight..

life is better now as a whole and will be continuing this way indefinitely to reach my goals..

I’m so glad I took the decision to join . In only 10 weeks I feel I’ve achieved what I’ve been trying to do for a very long time.”

Angie - Age 40
“I was so apprehensive about joining the Fitness Guy Programme and wondering, will it work, will I actually see results within 10 weeks? Well I am so glad that I took the plunge and joined. 10 weeks on and I am the fittest I have been in years and look the best (body shape wise) that I have looked in such a long time.

The plan is so easy to follow and the support received from Steve, and Lamorna are  just fantastic. 

The exercises are brilliant too and it’s only 20mins minimum 3 times per week so my advice to you would be to grab the bull by the horns and just sign up”

Cuca - Age 43
“I've been trying to lose this kilos from my pregnancies for a few years………..I always loose 2-3 and then back again so after watching all the photos from the TFG website, I decided to join and give it a go!!

I am not going to lie the first and second week were hard ( missing my food, fine with exercises) but after that you feel better & look better so you don’t want to fail yourself…. I am very competitive person so reading about other people results encourage me more, so the group was a very good help.

I feel lighter and toned and hope lose more in the graduate group.“

Mandy - Age 44
“I was a bit dubious to start Lean & Learn as wondered if it would be another diet I tried and gave up, but I decided to sign up anyway. It was the right decision!

When I first received the plan, I was pleasantly surprised about how normal the meals and snacks were and very family friendly. I was delighted to be eating well but also making sure that my family were eating the same healthy evening meals.

Over the 10 weeks, my mindset completely changed. It wasn’t all about how many lbs I would lose, but rather knowing my clothes felt better and how I felt within myself (more energy, less bloated etc). I just eat differently now, not diet.

Some of the workouts were tough, but as someone who didn’t really exercise, I loved them and looked forward to seeing what the next weeks video would bring.

The support of the ladies in the group was amazing, and of course from Steve, Jodie and the coaches.  We were all encouraged even on down days.

I would totally recommend this programme to anyone considering it, you will not be disappointed.”

Hazel - Age 43   
"After my second baby at 42 and a I knew I needed to do something about my weight and overall health if I wanted to be more than a spectator to their childhood. I had heard about The Fitness Guy from a friend and took first step and contacted him.

I was apprehensive given the amount of fad diets I had tried before BUT I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s a simple eating plan designed to educate you about healthy eating and exercise whilst still living life. In my first week I lost a whooping 4kgs and centimetres off every body part. So much so I measured twice as I thought I had got it wrong! 10 weeks on 12.3kg and 30cm+ lost and I am healthier than I have ever been. I have more energy to play with the kids but more important I actually like what I see in the mirror.

Please please please join the hundreds of women taking control and changing their life’s for the better you won’t regret it!”
Gillian- Age 41    
“I joined the 10 Week Lean and Learn Programme to help me lose some weight and tone my figure up, and I have done exactly that, but in addition I feel I have adapted the way I think about food and exercise, learning that there is definitely a balance to be found to still enjoy my food, and enjoy exercise. 

My partner also enjoyed the recipes I made from the programme.

Overall I found the programme really easy to follow and fit into my life, seeing the weight fall and measurements steadily reduce it motivated me to be good and do even better for myself. I’ve learned and I’m Leaner.”
Carol - Age 43 
“Loved, loved, loved these past 10weeks.

Definitely the best thing I have done in a long time.
No food is off limits you just need to allow for it.
So proud of team TFG. It really is a team effort and the program is as unique as you are.

I have had chocolate everyday( sorry can’t live without it) a McDonald’s every week, although I’ve cut down from a medium meal to a happy meal.
I have had 2 Chinese’s, a chipper and also a weeks long cruise on the Mediterranean, with constant food available.
I have done the minimum 3 periods of exercise per week and have still steadily lost weight. To say I’m delighted is a complete understatement.
I have joined the graduate program as I would like to continue losing weight in a way that suits my lifestyle and will give me a realistic chance of keeping the weight off.

It’s also not all about the weight loss. I feel so much better. No more afternoon naps. No more headaches. I have more energy and am able to take part in new activities I never thought possible 10weeks ago.
Just give the Lean and Learn program a go. You have nothing to lose by trying ( apart from some weight!!)

Thank you team TFG. Looking forward to the next phase.”
Emma - Age 45    
“I joined Lean and Learn after seeing The Fitness Guy pop up on my Facebook feed, I had a look at his page and saw some before and after photos of women who’d done the course which were really impressive.

Even though I did exercise I could see little to no change and definitely felt the weight harder to budge as I got older, so decided something had to be done!

I was unsure about what to expect at first, but everything is set out very clearly, and is easy to follow. There’s also coaches available if you have any questions or need advise.

The meal plans are easy to follow, with plenty of choice and the recipes are quick and easy to prepare. There’s also plenty of snacks included daily so I was never left feeling hungry. I still enjoyed my g&t’s each week and even a few nights out during the 10weeks, I’d just make a few adjustments to my eating or do an extra workout.

I actually loved the exercises, they were quick to do and because they changed each week never got boring. It amazed me how quickly my fitness improved by doing the exercises.

I’m thrilled with my weight loss but I’m even more impressed with the cm’s I lost as I see a real difference in my body shape. I’m proud of myself for sticking at it and feel much happier in myself now…I’ve joined the graduate group and look forward to continuing my success”.
Debbie - Age 49
“I joined The Fitness Guy in April after the Christmas eating had got out of hand and I needed to get back in control. 

As the weeks went on, it became obvious that this wasn’t like any of the other weight loss or fitness programmes I’d tried in the past. 
The best difference was the support every member receives. If you join the optional facebook group, you get to know the other women and the coaches are always there whenever you need a word of support. 

I loved that the workout videos changed every week, so you never got bored – and the educational videos helps reset your mind to help it be a long-term fitness lifestyle with the emphasis on inch loss. 

The last amazing thing is the Graduate programme for when you finish the 10 weeks – you’re not just left floundering, or prone to drop all your good habits – but it’s even better and more supportive than the original 10 weeks. 

Highly recommend TFG for anyone wanting to start their shaping up journey.”

Zoe - Age 45
“I am a self-confessed hater of exercise. I can stick to diets no trouble but have always struggle with the exercise side. 
This was great for me as I could do it in the comfort of my own home , with no equipment and at a moment’s notice. 

I have not only noticed weight loss and cm loss but I have more energy, sleep better and generally feel better about myself. 

I have loved the support from my Facebook group as everyone has been very honest about good days and bad. I cannot recommend this enough the best £99 I have spent in years.”

Julie - Age 40
“Lean and Learn has been a fantastic programme for me. I have found the menu easy to follow and stick to. 

The workouts were challenging but so quick and easy to fit in to every day life. 

Overall, I’m delighted that I’ve not only changed the way I look but also the way I now think about food, it’s a much more positive and healthy relationship. 

Thank you to The Fitness Guy team!”


Yvonne - Age 57      
“The past few years my weight has been creeping up. I thought: that’s it… The dreaded after menopause results

This summer a friend came to visit, looking fabulous after loosing more than 10 kg, with the Lean & Learn Programme.
My initial aim was to join to be able to fit in a long dress for a wedding. I had to take in the dress in the end!

I enjoyed the 10 weeks immensely. I find the programme easy to follow. No need to go hungry, easy recipes and the work out videos are great. Very stimulating. I did them 5 times a week. Now I joined the graduates programme since I want to loose a few more cm. I am very pleased with all the recipes and workouts available.

And, as a last comment, being part of a group made it all easier and fun sometimes
Thanks Steve and all the coaches”
Lesley - Age 52   
“I can’t thank Steve and Jodie enough for all their help and encouragement over the 10 week lean and learn programme. 
Whilst I’ve done various food plans over the past five years, I can honestly say this is the first one which is based on normal everyday food the whole family can enjoy. 
I also can’t believe that by eating so much, how much my body shape has changed. I even felt guilty at times for the amount I was eating and at the beginning I was convinced that I would put on weight rather than loose it. How wrong was I ! 

 I’ve got severe sweet tooth cravings I had always battled with well under control and even went on holiday to Las Vegas half way though the 10 week plan and didn’t gain any weight. 

 The support group is fantastic and I would encourage anyone thinking of signing up to do it because it does work and teaches you a whole new way to look at the everyday food you eat to find the balance and achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle.

 I’ve certainly done it and if I can, anyone can.”
Denise - Age 51 
“The Lean & Learn programme taught me so much….I can’t Thank TFG team enough. Brilliant support & encouragement for all.

Firstly it taught me how to have the correct mindset, how to control my food intake …the right amount my body needed for the day.

The exercises are actually fun to do…( never thought I’d say that) I may feel tired after doing a workout but I also feel fantastic at the same time.

I’m now on the Graduates Group, much healthier, fitter & well on my way to reaching my goals.”
Lorraine - Age 52 
“I loved the plan I found it easy to follow and it encouraged me to be more organised, it also educated me on healthy eating and was never hungry.

 I have tried other diets over the years they never gave me the results I got with your plan. As I am post menopause I thought nothing would work for me but it did.

I was sad when the 10 weeks came to an end but I am going to carry on! 

I have shocked myself at how much I enjoy exercising!”
Anne - Age 53
“I found the 10 week programme a very positive journey and am so pleased with my results, I even enjoyed the workouts (was very apprehensive at the beginning).

The workouts are varied and never boring and are tailored for all levels of fitness.
I feel stronger and healthier and am 38 cm smaller! 

The support from Steve and the team is excellent”

Paula - Age 50   
“This is the first time I’ve ever stuck to any plan. 

I’ve enjoyed the workouts. 

It has made me realise that all the bad foods I use to eat wasn’t necessary. 

I feel so much more confident in myself and excited to carry on with the graduate programme and to continue this happier and healthier lifestyle”
Sandy- Age 52 
“Like so many women before me I am delighted with my results at the end of my 10 week lean and learn programme. 

Although l lost just over 5kg, the changes in my body shape are fantastic. I’m fitting back into clothes that I haven’t worn in a long time.
Throughout the programme Steve and the team educate you on how to eat a balanced and varied healthy eating plan combined with regular exercise. Each week the exercise routine changes. The routines get harder as the weeks go by but Steve gives various options for the exercises so that you choose the right option for you while still working at your own maximum capacity. 

I am very grateful for the encouragement I received from the other ladies in my group and for the words of wisdom and motivation from Steve, Graeme and Jodie. If you stick to the advice you are given and put the work in you will get great results.

I am going to continue my journey in the graduate group safe in the knowledge that this is not a fad diet, this is a manageable change in lifestyle and I am certain that with the continued help and support of the graduate group not only will I attain my long term goals, I will be able to maintain them.”
Freya - Age 50 
“I can’t really believe what I have achieved in 10 weeks.

Exercises were a wee bit daunting in the beginning but kept on pushing and now love it! 
I am like a new person! In mind, attitude & looks!

I highly recommend this programme. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Faith - Age 50   
“This programme is fantastic. I have loved the food plan, it teaches you to make the right food choices. Nothing is off limits and the programme is perfect for all the family because it is basic simple home cooking.

The exercises are fun and you can do them at home and at a time that suits you so again is simple and easy to follow. 

 The support from Steve, Jodie is brilliant and I am astounded and delighted with my results.

One of the best decisions I have made and I would highly recommend this programme.””
Janice - Age 53 
“As someone who has always been pretty rubbish at exercising and diets, I am surprised and excited at my results after only 10 weeks! 

 I will definitely continue with everything I have learned. 
 I feel healthier, more energetic and motivated than I have in many years. 

Friends have commented on how good I look and all ask how I did it! I tell them it’s down to The Fitness Guy and the team. 

It’s not just the physical change but the emotional and knowledge gain too.”
Karen - Age 53   
“Thoroughly enjoyed the lean and learn programme! Feel stronger leaner and healthier with more energy than I have for quite a few years.

Loved not feeling hungry and having a better understanding of what I’m eating and the benefits for my body. Still socialising and even having a holiday during the ten weeks.

I’ve enjoyed the exercise videos and am learning to love exercising and the way it makes me feel.

I don’t feel like I have a 53 year old body anymore, result!!!”
Stephanie - Age 51 
“I would like to say that I started the program because I was disappointed in how I looked and felt. 
The way I feel now is amazing, so alive. 

I have dropped a dress size, but more than that the comments i have had from people that didn't know i was on the program is amazing and a confidence boost. 

The support from Steve, Jodie and the ladies in the support group is invaluable. One of the best decisions of my life. 

I will continue to keep with the program as it is a way of living. No more worrying about the weight, its the cm's that count”


Hazel - Age 61      
“I wholeheartedly encourage anyone wanting to get back in control of their weight to enrol on this 10 Week Lean and Learn programme.

I had been eating healthy foods for years, avoiding processed / pre-cooked meals but was still slowly gaining weight. I’m over 60 years old and was convinced that nothing could possibly make a difference. Then a friend told me about Lean and Learn.

I was sceptical but willing to give it a go and now 10 (very short) weeks later I’m one and a half stone lighter and more than one dress size smaller. I’m still on my journey but know that I am going to get to my goal of a healthy weight and toned body.

The support from Steve Bradley and from others in the same group as me proved invaluable and as well as shedding the equivalent of 17 x 500g tubs of butter I am noticeably more flexible and stronger.”
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